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Wool Mattress Toppers Give You Extra Comfort and a Better Nights Sleep

A good mattress topper is a great way to improve your bed and there’s plenty of reasons for choosing a wool mattress topper for a better nights sleep.

A mattress topper is considered by many to be an essential addition to your bed. There are several reasons why you might want a mattress topper, not just for the extra comfort they give. And a wool mattress topper has some special added benefits that come from being made with natural wool fibres.

Benefits of having a Mattress Topper

  1. Reduce back ache. If you suffer from back ache, a mattress that's too firm can make it feel much worse. A mattress topper will add a layer of comfort without taking away the support that's needed.
  2. Restore an old mattress. If your mattress is showing signs of wear, but your not quite ready to invest in a new one, then a mattress topper is a great way to extend its life and reduce that sinking feeling when lying in bed.
  3. Protect a new mattress. After investing in a good quality mattress you'll want it to last for quite a few years. A mattress topper is a must have for keeping your new mattress clean from any sweat and skin oils.

10 Reasons Why a Wool Mattress Topper is Better

  1. Antibacterial. Wool naturally inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.
  2. Resistant to dust mites. We all like a nice bed, unfortunately dust mites like them too. They can cause sneezing, coughing, a runny nose and watery eyes. Wool, however, is naturally resistant to dust mites.
  3. Breathable. Unlike synthetic materials, wool is a 100% natural and breathable fibre.
  4. Disperses body heat. In warm weather some mattresses can retain a lot of heat, keeping it trapped where your body meets the mattress. A wool mattress topper allows the heat to disperse naturally giving you a nice warm even body temperature without any overheating.
  5. Moisture management. On hot Summer nights wool has the ability to wick away moisture in its vapour state, before it turns into sweat.
  6. Regulates temperature. Wool's amazing ability to transfer heat along its fibres keeps the temperature even throughout the bed - no more cold patches.
  7. Eco-friendly. Wool products have a long lifespan and as a natural material, wool is an environmentally responsible choice.
  8. Suitable year round. Perfect for all seasons, a wool mattress topper will help keep you cool in Summer and warm on cold Winter nights.
  9. Easy to care for. It is well known that wool items don't need regular washing, this is because of it's ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  10. Better sleep. All of these qualities make a wool mattress topper the natural choice for a perfect nights sleep.

The Different Wool Mattress Toppers Available

The Wool Room have a choice of two toppers, the Deluxe wool topper and a luxury version made with organic Alpaca wool.

The Wool Room The Wool Room Deluxe Wool Mattress Topper

John Lewis have the Devon Duvets Wool Mattress Topper. Its made with British wool and has a 5 year guarantee.

John Lewis Devon Duvets Wool Mattress Topper at John Lewis

Marks & Spencer have a nice and cosy reversible topper with fluffy wool on one side and 100% cotton on the other.

Marks & Spencer Fluffy Wool Mattress Topper by Marks and Spencer

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