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The Samsung Frame Art Mode TV

The Samsung Frame Art Mode TV looking great on wall in room

So you've just redesigned the living room. And after many days of searching for the right products you've finally made up your mind. You've bought a new sofa, painted the walls and hung the curtains, even had a gorgeous new carpet laid. But then out comes the old TV with its big black screen and it has to go somewhere.

Wouldn't it be nice if when you turned off the TV it would magically transform in to a beautiful painting or picture that's exactly what you want. A painting that you've chosen to blend in perfectly with your decor, or perhaps a large copy of your favorite family photo.

The Frame Art Mode TV by Samsung

Available at both Curry's and John Lewis

Samsung Frame TV Showing Both Art and TV Mode

When you're not watching TV The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art. The Frame comes preloaded with 100 different types of works of art from various world renowned artists. If you're a budding artist yourself, you can also upload your own photos and display them on The Frame.

Showing Samsung Frame TV with your choice of art

Easily upload your own paintings or photos using your Smartphone.

Samsung Frame TV screensaver can show artwork and photographs Samsung Frame TV displaying true colour and clarity

Experience true colour and clarity

The Frame is an Ultra HD certified TV displaying true colour and clarity. With over 17 million stunning colours.

Samsung Frame art mode television with picture frame

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