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Are Gas Barbecues better than Charcoal

A charcoal barbecue does give meat that nice well known barbecued flavour. And the unmistakable aroma can draw in the neighbours like Lions drawn to a fresh carcass - that might be ok as long as they bring a few beers or a bottle of wine.

But how many times have you been at a barbecue when what gets served isn't all that cooked to perfection. Being in charge of cooking on charcoal is a tricky thing to master, one minute there's not enough heat, the next, things are out of control. 'How do you like your sausages, undercooked or a little bit burnt in the middle?'

charcoal barbecue flames

We all love a good barbecue and cooking on a gas barbecue makes the whole process so much easier to get right.

The charcoal barbecue takes time to get going. First you have to pile up the charcoal, light the firelighters, then wait. After a while you might need to add some more firelighters, give it all a good shuffle, then wait a bit longer.

The gas barbecue is ready when you are. Just add the burgers, chicken or prawns, add some onions, peppers and tomatoes, and enjoy. You might even be tempted to go for some more exquisite cuts of meat, confident that there's not going to be a cooking disaster.

Gas barbecues are quick to set up, more healthy to use - without the charcoal smoke. And there much easier to clean up afterwards. They're ideal for using throughout the year, for summer barbecues, bonfire night and some great outdoor winter parties.

everdure gas barbecue by heston blumenthal at john lewis

The everdure Force Gas BBQ by Heston Blumenthal available at John Lewis

Landman Grill Chef Gas BBQ

The Landmann Grill Chef Gas BBQ available at Currys